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For decades, the Villar de Rohde family has been involved in the production and worldwide distribution of high-quality food & drink products.

The Argentinian Villar family has owned and harvested farmland for over 200 years. 


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Our most recent family farm business is a pecan nut plantation with partner families in South Africa.

We have opened the first call for partners to join this agribusiness opportunity.

Our farm near Johannesburg is 110 hectares large and we have planted the first 6500 pecan nut trees.

Nati South Africa, being in the Southern Hemisphere, benefits from additional attractiveness amongst customers and producers by producing pecan nuts in the counter season to the main production areas and most important consumer markets.

South Africa has a sophisticated agricultural structure and a high level of agricultural mechanization and technification, which ensures high efficiency.

Nati South Africa


Nati South Africa is looking for partner families for 28% of the shares.

We invite you to join our new opportunity in South Africa!

Our further development and success lie in sustainability, market knowledge and above all the company’s committed leadership.

Read more about the Nati South Africa project here:



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