Our Talented Torrontés

Torrontés has become the most characteristic white wine of Argentina. Without being a sweet wine it has a very intense fruity and grapy taste; one could almost mistake it with grape juice. Have you ever wondered what a colourful bouquet of freshly cut spring flowers would taste like in a bottle? Torrontés is the answer. Served in a cocktail glass on the rocks, your guests will be amazed by your "creation". In Spain one enjoys Sangria, red wine mixed with fresh sliced fruits. Argentineans enjoy Clericó, a mix of Torrontés with a fresh fruit cocktail. Intense aromas of summer fruits like peaches, apricots and pineapple.

Elegant and versatile. Ideal to accompany your amuse geule and hors d'oevre on the terrace. One of the few whites that may compete with any red for strong, well spiced dishes, be it seafood or fish, white or coloured meats, Mediterranean, Indian or Asian cuisine.

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