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Collection: Our Freaky Cabernet Franc

Originating from the coastal habitat of the Atlantic near the Bordeaux region in southern France, the Cabernet Franc grape is today one of the major dark varieties around the globe.Cabernet Franc gives birth to medium-bodied and full tasting, dark, "black", wines, with notes of pepper, medium acidity and stimulating taste. Inspiring and outlandish. Try it with fusion cuisines, Thai dishes, steaks from the grill with chutneys, Persian recipes, spicy mushrooms. A trustworthy companion alongside any delicatessen with a medium spicing, and perfect for a gorgonzola aftermath.

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  • Catamayor - Tannat/Cabernet Franc
    Castillo Viejo - Catamayor - Cabernet Franc
    Bodega Castillo Viejo
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    from €20,12
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