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Dear Friends of Good Wine

Welcome to our exclusive wine shop. Since 1990 our company has specialized in the distribution of the finest wines from the new world, focusing on a selection of family run wineries in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.

We are happy to announce that Villar de Rohde Premium Wine Selection will be expanding this year. We got together with a partner winery in Brazil. Our wine range will be enriched by a selection of finest bottles from the southern tip of Brazil.

We are also building another winery in Argentina: “Tava Gui Yere”. 14 wine lovers have already joined us, to grow 3 new hectares of premium wines together. We have planted Malbec, Merlot and Ancelotta grapes for a promising Red Blend. This year we will also be adding some white grapes. Should you be interested in becoming a co-owner of your own vineyard please contact us.

Our family is proud to present your family with the finest wines prepared with much love and care by selected South American winemaker families.

To Your Health!

Dominicus H. Rohde

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We are passionate about fine wines that enrich our taste and soul.

For decades, the Villar de Rohde family has been involved in the production and worldwide distribution of high-quality fine wines.

In 2020 our family is celebrating the 100th anniversary of fine quality wine delivery to the homes of our wine friends. Four generations of love and dedication to wine.

The fusion of the Finest Wine with the Finest Food

The Michelin Starred Masterchef Phillipe Lafut serves our fine wines from Argentina at his Michelin Star Restaurant in Luxembourg.

Raum 50000

"Raum 50000" is an art installation by the world renowned German artist "Maxim Korki". This unique master piece was created for the exhibition Simultaneous Time Signal at the State Museum of Turingia. "Change means Keeping With The Times". 12,000 strands of champagne corks hang from a geometric steel structure: what at first glance looks like an impenetrable cork cube, reveals itself after a first touch as a flexible space, inviting people to lose themselves within a cork waterfall and labyrinth. Or enabling the discoverers to discover themselves.


Cheers to World Peace

Our family business has been an Official Sponsor, since 2005, of the World Peace Forum, the Schengen Peace Foundation and the Luxembourg Peace Prize.

With the purchase of each bottle of our wines, you support the mission of the World Peace Forum, the Luxembourg Peace Prize and the Schengen Peace Foundation, connecting peacemakers worldwide.

From now on you can drink for peace.

Celebrating 30 years of Wine Tradition

We are pleased to serve our wine friends since 1989.

One Family, Two Generations of passion and dedication to premium winemaking.

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